Company Profile

Ittihad International Investment is a private holding and multi-disciplinary conglomerate, engaged in a wide spectrum of economic activities. Established in 2008, Ittihad group governs several prestigious companies in the Middle East and is strategically focused on achieving significant growth within its existing portfolio. Maintaining a focused approach towards Greenfield projects, Ittihad exercises comprehensive corporate governance guidelines in every sphere of its investment ventures.

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, Ittihad has succeeded in enhancing its competitive positioning through a well-defined and integrated approach towards lucrative investment decisions. Ittihad‘s strategic partnerships with global business leaders in multiple sectors have led to the effective creation of prolific new ventures with primary focus on the MENA region and emerging markets.

“Ittihad’s business strategy is establishing and operating economically diversified portfolios, either independently or in collaboration with other leading companies.”

Whether Designing and Executing Main Contracting Projects to Turnkey Interior spaces for Offices, Retail, Food and Beverage, Healthcare, Hospitality or Private Residences. Our Company Mission Statement is clear; ‘to ensure our projects are delivered to the highest standard on time and on budget’. Our Goal is to ensure the journey with Ishtar is a rewarding and an engaging experience.

The Ishtar team consists of dedicated and highly Motivated Management who possess a deep and diverse knowledge of delivering projects to meet
our client’s specific requirements. Together with our Project Management specialists, Interior Designers, Engineers and Skilled Operatives we blend creativity, innovative solutions and sound commercial principles to create projects that shape businesses.

Our mantra “To bring Devotion, Creation and Harmony to everything we do” reflects Ishtar’s work ethos and ability to deliver projects that have a profound influence on our client’s experience of the spaces they work and live in.